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Images created between 2013-15 of the City of Harrisburg. All images are Copyrighted. (©Debra Schell/2015)
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HBG 8.5.15 3HBG 8.5.15 5HBG 8.5.15 6HGB 8.5.15 4Harrisburg Capitol 4Harrisburg Capitol April 14Harrisburg 10.14 1Harrisburg 10.14Walnut St BridgeHBG 8.5.15Capitol Artwork OutsideCapitol ArtworkCapitol Step RailsPA State House of Represenatives 1House of Represenatives 2House of Represenatives 3Harrisburg 9.11.14 2Harrisburg 9.11.14FLower Harrisburg July 2014Harrisburg July 14 1